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self-learning humanoid robots

The company “MW Robotics” is included into the corporate group “Micro Wave”. The primary task was a development of software for the robotics industry. But, during the creation of software for robots designed by other manufacturers, it has become apparent feasibility of construction of own anthropomorphic robot. So today we are a company that develops in several segments of the robotic technologies.

Since 2013, the priority become the creation of an universal humanoid anthropomorphic robot - project EVO (EVOlution, E electronic, V-vital, O- original), robot with the modular architecture, what allowed to adapt the smart machine as to general, average or to the highly specialized task. In the fast-growing market of information and service sector the mobile system with artificial intelligence will be an important extra tool for development. Humanoid robot designed for use in restaurants, shopping malls, airports, train stations, museums, while entertainment activities it will inevitably attract the attention and will cause genuine interest.

A comprehensive analysis of the market allows determining the main goals for the near future. The basic model of self-learning robot will be capable not only to share knowledge putted into it, but also quickly find out and process information not stored in its memory. And on its basis would be built various modifications intended for solving a variety of tasks. Currently, the company's efforts are directed at developing a commercial version of a low-cost self-learning robot what will combine the simple and reliable solutions in design with the powerful communication capabilities and intelligence.

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