Customized 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D modeling

2014 the 3D Lab was founded in the company “Micro Wave” . We offer quality services for 3D printing, scanning and computer modeling.

If you can’t buy a 3D printer, but have a need to work out a production and creative tasks with the help of 3D-technologies - please contact our specialists. We work as with a unit and serial orders of any complexity.

What makes advantage of using 3D technologies?

- Reduction of terms of finished-product output  on the market

Several years ago, the finished-product output required time-consuming: designing, prototyping, error correction, casting mold and so on.  With the development of 3D technology, this process is reduced to a few days. To get a real sample of the future product, we just need to print it by 3D printer.

- Saving money

No need more pay for the extra manufacturing steps. Forget about the outdated production methods and design prototypes. 3D printing and 3D scanning allow essentially reduce the cost of the process of creating a new products, the implementation of creative ideas.

- Saving time

For the people who are just starting use the 3D printer the 3D techniques and software can be a great difficulty. To get a high quality results, you need to study and learn the basics of 3D printing, scanning and modeling. For the assimilation of technical nuances needs a lot of time. The professionals of our company help you to save your efforts and working hours.

Why we guarantee the shortest lead time and cost?

  • updating, development and installation of new software (as well the customized versions)
  • maintenance of electromechanical parts
  • maintenance work and the timely replacement of worn-out power supply
  • warranty service
  • tuning