E.V.O. — BOX

E.V.O. — BOX

This model is designed for use as a robot waiter in the food services.

Communication features: playback of several preset phrases in Russian


• running on the relative flat surface (the obstruction’s  height and tilt tolerance is given in the manual)
• running on a given route
• running  on the right selected route

• detour of fixed obstruction
• immediate  stop in front of an extra obstruction
• remote control mode operation

Main features

Max. width: 60cm

● 1010 cm. closed box
● 1500 cm. open box
Weight: 50 kg
Weight of transported cargo up to 5 kg

Speed of moving:

● optimal – 3 km/h
● maximum – 5 km/h

 Design features:

● opens automatically box for the tray with the order
● box opens  by scanning  the barcode receipt

Working hours: 5-9 hours

Functional tasks  of robot waiter:

• arrive at the loading area
• deliver the order to the table
• on arrival report: "order delivered"
• scan  the bar code receipt
• open the cover
• wait until the guest takes  the order
• ask to close the cover
• wish bon appetite
• return to the loading area