E.V.O. 01

E.V.O. 01

This model is designed for commercial and, in the short term, communicative use.

As for the commercial sphere there are the following applications:

  • Robot hostesses
  • Robot waiter
  • Robot informant, promoter.

The robot can be used in food services (bars, cafes, restaurants etc.), as well as at exhibitions and in showrooms.

These applications of E.V.O. 01 are determined by robot’s hard- and software capabilities.

Communication features:
• verbal communication in Russian
• demonstration of the necessary information on the built-in screen
• gestures



• running on the relative flat surface (the obstruction’s  height and tilt tolerance is given in the manual)
• running on the given route
• running  on the right selected route

• detour of fixed obstruction
• immediate  stop in front of an extra obstruction
• gestures
• audio and video background  on the tablet

• operating in standalone mode and the remote control


Main features:

Platform Size: 50x70 cm
Height: 1500 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Speed of moving:

● optimal – 3 km/h
● maximum – 8 km/h

 Design features:

● E.V.O. 01 - controlled movable arms
● E.V.O. 02 - motionless arms

 Working hours: 8 h

 Battery charging: 4 h

 Functional tasks  of robot hostess:

• meet and  welcome guests
• Identify the quantity of visitors
• inform about the presence / absence of free tables
• In case of a request to voice (show on the built-in screen) the menu or wine card
• offer  the available tables at choice
• accompany  the selected table
• inform about the waiting time
• Return to starting position
• say good bay and best wishes

Functional tasks of robot informant:

• move on a given route

• preset a video or audio recording

• attract the attention of visitors, ask questions, fix answers.