software development

very modification of the of the robot Е.В.О. has three kinds of software:

 1.The basic package includes unified software installed on the all models without exception.

2.Specialized software developed to perform certain standard tasks by the robot and installed on the each robot by order of the user (for example, the profile of "hostess", "waiter", "promotion", etc.). To install the specialized software the customer needs to select the requested profile from the list and place an order for the installation.

3. Especial software developed by the user's specifications.

For the development and installation of the especial software the user must first discuse with the manufacturer technical ability to develop, to conclude a contract or an additional agreement to the valid treaty and clear the technical specifications with the manufacturer.

Depending on the task of the user our team creates a model of the robot with the special configuration.

Delivery times and costs of development are setting by agreement with the customer and are fixed in a contract or an additional agreement to the contract.