Robot E.V.O. even in the standard version is a powerful tool to attract attention. However, this effect can be enhanced by providing the robot with a unique external design.

The easiest tuning is applying to the robot body corporate customer logo, or imparting details of the body corporate colors. Change the appearance of the robot is possible, e.g. by using coating or 3D film. If the customer is, for example, a manufacturer of clothing or accessories, he can dress up the robot in his things for promotion and advertising.

Moreover, some standard removable body parts may be replaced by the customized details. For this purpose the customer need to agree on the future design of the changed details and to order their production and installation.

Software and electromechanical component of the robot may also be subject to change. The terms of the development of the especial software you can see on the link "software development". Making design changes or modifying the operating parameters of a robot is more complicated lengthy and more costly process.